General Questions

What is Doughhound?
Doughhound.com is a website that is designed to let you take control of your finances. Feel free to make budgets for everything you do or just one small part of your life, whatever the case Doughhound.com is for you.
Why should I use this website instead of one that is already out there?
Doughhound.com is different than most of the sites out there. We're a tool, not a service. That means we're something for you to use to to help you make real changes. It also means we don't need any of your private data like bank accounts or passwords, unlike so many other sites. With Doughhound.com you use us to track you're spending and we'll just handle the arithmetic. Doughhound is different, it's not just another financial website.
Is my data secure?
You don't give us any of the secret stuff so it is as safe and sound in your home as you want it to be. As for what you tell us, it's nothing but a bunch of numbers and doesn't link to any of your personal accounts at all. Still, we understand that what you spend is probably a private matter and we vow never to sell any of that data to anyone, ever. It is your data.
Will you sell my data?
No. It's that simple.
How do I create or edit my account?
Creating an account on Doughhound.com is easy, just press the sign up button on the home page. You can edit your account at any point by going to the account button on the main navigation bar.
Can I delete my data if I change my mind about Doughhound.com?
Sure. Anytime you want you can go into your data tab and delete anything in there that you would like. It's easy. If you decide you want to close your entire account just email us at info@doughhound.com and we'll be sure to handle that for you right away.
How many accounts can I have?
One account per email address.

Getting Started

Do you have a tutorial I can use to get started?
Yes. Take a moment to read through all our how to information if you're having trouble.
What is the Budget Category?
Every entry can be placed into a budget category. You can set a budget, or a goal, for each category if you'd like but this is optional.
Can I add a description to my entries?
Not exactly. Doughhound.com uses tags not descriptions. This makes its easier for you to organize and find things in your spending history as time goes on. You can use as many tags as you'd like for every entry and these become your description.
How many tags can I use?
As many as you'd like, no limit.
Where can I input my income?
You don't. Doughhound aims to help you control what you can, and that's your spending. To do that, we keep things as simple and straight forward as possible; add in income and a lot of extra arithmetic and it can become overly complex rather quickly. Income is usually pretty steady so if you just stay focused on what you're spending and making that number go down, then you'll know how much you're saving. If you want, you can always create a 'savings' budget that you add money into each month.
Can I set a master budget?
If you visit the budget tab you can set a budget for any area you choose. The total of these mini-budgets is displayed on the page so you can keep track of your overall spending.

Managing Your Data

Can I track something other than my money with Doughhound.com?
Absolutely. You can track how many calories you eat, finances for a specific project or event, or even how much time you spend exercising. As we like to say, you maintain control.
How can I import data to Doughhound.com?
You can e-mail data directly to the site. First you need to enable those settings on your account page. There is no limit to the amount of data your can e-mail.
Can I edit my historical data?
Sure, just visit the data page. There is a search feature on the page to help you find what you're looking for, just don't forget to save your changes once you've made them. You can edit your tags on the tag page.