How We're Different

All those other financial planning sites ask for your private account numbers and your user names and passwords. If you join them, you share with them all your personal information, automatically, every day of every week of every month of every year. They know everything and if they mess up, that information can flow into the wrong hands. Let's face it, you don't care if a bad guy knows you spent $20 at the grocery store last week, but you do care if the bad guy has the number of the credit card you used to pay for those groceries.

We are different because we don't collect that private data that identity thieves prey on. We ARE different. Here's How:

  • We will never ask you for any private account information, ever. We just need to know your email address.
  • The only thing we do need to know about you is that you're over the age of 13, the lawyers said so, not us.
  • All your data will always be readily available to you on the data tab, no fancy export functions necessary. If you want to keep a copy on your computer you can copy and paste whatever you'd like, whenever you'd like, wherever you'd like.
  • Everything here is completely free.