How To: Log Spending in Doughhound

When you log into the site for the first time you will find a pretty blank workspace. There is a space for a chart that says it doesn't have any data to display yet and you also have an empty space for a tag cloud and a few other things. So, where do you get started?

This user has decided to start with a trip to the grocery store earlier today.

It looks like they purchased $27.34 worth of canned fruit, probably to eat during lunch.

They've tagged their entry: groceries, produce, lunch and canned fruit and have added it to the "Food" budget category.

That's really all there is to it. Go ahead and repeat as necessary. As you add more data you'll see more and more tags in your tag cloud and more colors on your spending chart.

You can create new budget categories for yourself, by clicking on 'Budget' tab on the very top of the screen. You can also create a new budget from right within the 'Add Data' box. For more information on creating and managing your budgets click here.