This little project of ours has been a long time coming. From the time we graduated from school we, now a married couple, had a goal of traveling the world. To make that dream a reality we needed to pinch penny's and save hard and there really wasn't a good tool out there that we both could use. Danny created spreadsheets that got the job done but they were basic compared to what Doughhound is and Jillian never liked them anyway. People always asked us for tips and copies of the spreadsheets, but it was never quite right.

Now that we are living our dream we want to help other people to live theirs. Doughhound is a tool that anyone can use to really save money and reach your financial dreams. This isn't another site for tracking your bank account information or your credit card bills, this is for real people who have real goals. This is a tool for you to keep track yourself so that you can make the right decisions and think about your spending as you're spending, rather than looking at a worthless report a month later.

This is a tool for you.